Your First Big Step Toward Change

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Taking the first step for any change is life huge. It’s also not the easiest thing in the world to do.

First, you have to realize what you are unhappy with. For some it may be your health, for others it could be the career you’ve chosen and it could also be your financial status. Everyone has a different situation.

For me, it was not living the life I wanted to live. I wanted to be free of the 9-5 rat race. I wanted to be able to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. I wanted to be in a better place financially for my family. I realized I wanted something different. The only way I was going to achieve these things was to take a leap of faith and do things my way.

Realizing you have something you want to change is BIG. It’s the first step. If you’re like me I realized it for some time, BUT I just couldn’t get myself motivated to make a change. So things kept getting worse.

It was fear of the unknown that was stopping me. How was I going to handle being an entrepreneur? What hurdles will I come across and how will I deal with them? How will I work through the financial stress until I get things up to speed?

Not knowing the answers to these questions were the real issues that were stopping me. I wanted all the answers before I took action. Unfortunately, this is not how entrepreneurship works. There is always the unknown. You must have faith you will figure it out.

My faith is what got me through the roadblock I was up against. Faith that somehow a larger power would guide me through the tough times. Faith (and trust) in my business partners. Faith in the team I wanted to create down the road and already had built to this point.

So I finally decided to take a risk. How was I going to know what the rewards are like if I didn’t try? What’s the worst that could happen? I could fail and then I just go back and get a job.

That never happened though. I’ve had many difficult situations to deal with in my 12 years as an entrepreneur. Adversity surely hasn’t been a stranger.

But I sucked it up every time. Whether being alone or with Luke (my partner at Impakt), we always picked ourselves up from the floor and moved forward. We have never lost in my mind. As long as we learned from experience and didn’t repeat mistakes we were winners.

So my point is, you will never know what it’s like if you don’t take the first big step. Take the leap of faith. Know what you want to change and just go for it.

Being an entrepreneur has been good for me. I wouldn’t change it for the world. After all, I did eventually reach the pay off phase. It may have taken me a bit longer than some, but life is good. I have great control of most things. Even the things I don’t have full control of, I have great partners to help make it through tough situations.

Today, taking the first step is much easier. When I realize I’m unhappy, I just act quickly because I know I can fix it. You should do the same, because NOT having to work 9-5 for someone else and being “The Man” is invigorating!

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Jeff WelshYour First Big Step Toward Change