Welcome to My Entrepreneurial World!

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Congratulations … you’ve made it to my personal brand website, a place where I share my journey as an entrepreneur. From the building of my digital ad agency Impakt Media to my new ventures in the health/fitness space via my second business Warrior Body, I share the lessons I learn with young entrepreneurs and businesses.

Over the course of my 30+ year creative career I’ve experienced a ton. Working for businesses around the country in many industries has given me the chance to learn valuable skills. I’ve seen the world change in a short period of time.

When I started my creative journey, film was still used in photography and the internet didn’t exist like it does today (and for the old timers out there, I learned graphic design through paste-up methods :-).

Now, we live in a world that is much smaller, faster and accessible. Anyone with a computer and the drive to build something they have a passion for can create their own empire and support themselves.

I’ve seen a lot in my time. I’ve worked for small businesses. I’ve worked for large businesses. I’ve started several companies on my own and I’ve built a successful agency with my talented business partner. In doing so, I’ve learned a ton and that’s why I’ve created this site.

I want to share my experiences, both past and presence with those that either are about to begin their entrepreneurial quest or are still relatively new.

I want to share so I can teach. I want to share because I want to help. Help people just like you learn how to avoid the hurdles of running your own business and predict experiences you’re about to have in order to more carefully navigate the journey ahead of you.

So, welcome once again and if I can ever be of assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Stay motivated, be strong and crush every day!

Jeff Welsh
Branding Expert & Entrepreneur

p: (304) 381-4092 ext. 1
e: [email protected]

Jeff WelshWelcome to My Entrepreneurial World!