The Power of a Good Partner

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In the past, I’ve always felt like I was on a journey by myself. For whatever reason, I tackled many things in life by myself. This was the case in my first entrepreneurial ventures as well.

When I decided to leave the work world and go out on my own, I didn’t do it the right way the first time around. I just quit my job and started freelancing any creative work I could get my hands on.

This quickly became overwhelming. I had too much to learn and too much to do. The responsibilities of being a husband and new Dad was a lot, not to mention trying to maintain a steady income as well.

As fate would have it, after 5 years of freelancing in Upstate New York, we were to move on to other ventures in Morgantown. I had to start all over with my networking. I had to build business in another area where I knew nobody. This was tough.

Fortunately, I found a young talented individual who I worked well with. We ended up partnering and starting a new ad agency. Our firm was to be something different. It was to focus on marketing in ways that were unique to our area.

Fast forward 5 years later and we are blazing new trails. Not only in Morgantown, West Virginia, but across the country as well.

I could have never built this agency on my own. It took the power of two. It took collaborations that were necessary to get the job done.

Becoming an entrepreneur is overwhelming. Even for those that have vast experience. You take on responsibilities that involve a ton of effort. Sometimes, the efforts involved are not compensated as much as would be preferred.

The best way to build something worthwhile in a reasonable amount of time to find talent to partner with.

I’ve been fortunate twice. For both of my businesses, I found partners that are passionate, talented, hard working and great to work with.

If you’re even considering the journey of becoming self-employed, I recommend you find the right partner to join forces with.

You will no doubt find great power that will increase your success at a faster rate. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

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Jeff WelshThe Power of a Good Partner