Take Action, Take Control & Escape The Trap

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It’s so easy to fall into the trap.

My brother-in-law Gary used to talk to me about the concept of the “trap” years ago, early in my marriage. He was referring to the life cycle so many people my age were brought up to know. The cycle where you get up, go to work (possibly a job you don’t like), come home, go through your family routines, pay bills, be broke until your next paycheck … then rinse and repeat.

Gary’s insight to this was eye opening. I realized he was unhappy. A few years later he got sick and only lived 9 more months. Esophageal cancer was something nobody saw coming and was a real catastrophe in the family. He never escaped the situation he described to me.

From this moment forward, I was determined to NOT fall into the trap. But how was I going to achieve this? I was already halfway there!

For years I fell further into this concept. I created debt that sucked the life out of me. One day I woke and saw myself in the EXACT position I didn’t want to be in. I was not happy. My marriage was under stress. Things were not good.

I was already an entrepreneur, but life was not going the direction I had hoped. The glamour of working on my own schedule was not what I had imagined. I was working a ton, but I wasn’t receiving the benefits I had hoped to achieve. That’s because I had no real direction.

I had a good business, a business partner and a decent team, but things were always a struggle. One day I sat in my office discussing our status with my partner and we realized we had to make a change or our business was going to be dead. It was this moment that I decided to take action. I was going to take better control of my business, my future and my life.

My business partner, Luke and I invested in ourselves. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on training. We traded services for mentorship. We read books, listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos, traveled to conferences, networked locally, networked nationally and traveled internationally. We did whatever it took took to learn from the best of the best.

But this was only the start. We could learn as much as we wanted, but if we didn’t execute on what we learned, we were wasting our time. So, we held each other accountable and took further action. We took a few calculated risks that ended up saving our business.

After what felt like decades, but was actually only 18 months, we started to gain traction. Business was growing. We also became smarter and didn’t grow our team. We INVESTED in the team we had and took care of those that were dedicated to our mission.

Fast forward to today. Impakt is doing well. We still have a loooong way to go to where we want to be, however we’re in much better standing.

I’m also, in a better place on the family front as well. We’re much farther away from the “trap” than we were when I realized I was unhappy. We have built the lifestyle we always wanted. Our girls are growing and we are reaping the benefits of all the sacrifices we made in the past 10 years.

For those that might possibly be falling into the trap or those that are already there, let me be the example that shows you anything is possible. You can escape the trap and build the life you want.

Just realize where you’re at, where you really want to be and take action to get there! Life is too short to not enjoy every step of the way.

Jeff Welsh
Branding Expert & Entrepreneur

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Jeff WelshTake Action, Take Control & Escape The Trap