My First Big Goal Achieving Mistake

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Everybody has goals. It’s how you manage those goals that makes all the difference in the world. For me, I always had an idea of where I wanted to be in life. I imagined having my finances in order, a happy family, being physically fit, enjoying various activities, traveling the world, etc.

The problem was that I didn’t understand how to manage my goals. I realized this with my first coach. He taught us how to write our goals down. As silly as that sounds, most people don’t do this. So I wrote them down. But I didn’t have a system to accomplish them.

I experimented with different strategies I came across. I made some progress but nothing to make a dent. After a while, like many, I became discouraged. Getting to that point I wanted to be at was not happening like I wanted it to. It wasn’t moving along fast enough.

Then I came across a few techniques that were game changing. I realized that I wasn’t as focused as I should be. My first big mistake was that I wasn’t tracking my situation. For example, my finances were a mess because I wasn’t keeping track of them. I couldn’t tell you at any given time what my credit score was or what debt I had accrued. Once I started tracking my expenses, it became pretty obvious what I needed to do.

So, step number one … track your situation!

If your health is the goal, then track your weight, blood pressure and eating habits for 30 days. I guarantee that you’ll see a pattern and realize what you need to change.

Also, you need to write your goals down DAILY. What are your they? Do you have them memorized? Write them down in a journal each morning and night until you have them clear in your head.

I not only write them down, but I also have a chart that tracks my progress toward my BIG goals. It allows me to more easily see the progress I’ve made over time. This visual tool is essential. In an instant, I can see progress. The data used in my visual chart comes directly from a spreadsheet I keep, so I know for a fact it’s correct.

The process of writing them down allows you to drill your goals. Make them clear. Be able to recite them at any given moment.

Step number two … write your goals down every day.

If you really want to improve your situation for your business or personal life, you need to learn how to achieve goals and do so consistently. Large goals, small goals and big hairy audacious goals. All of them. I promise you, if you use the two step process I just described, you will avoid the mistake I made early on. If I had done so, I guarantee I would have reached my success point much faster than I did.

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Jeff WelshMy First Big Goal Achieving Mistake