Originally from the Baltimore, MD metro area, Jeff is lifelong creative turned entrepreneur. His work began in the early 90s as a photographer in the skateboard industry where he developed a photojournalist style used in promoting product for east coast manufacturers within the sport. Shooting on film allowed him the ability to learn how to “get the shot” in the camera and not rely on post production processes.

Later he moved into the commercial photography business right at the beginning of the digital photography era. While navigating his way through college, Jeff worked as a photographer’s assistant for a catalog production business during the week and a wedding photographer on the weekends. These opportunities allowed him to gain vast experience over a 5 year period.

After relocating to Davis, CA in 2001, Jeff adjusted his focus. He became more interested in promoting businesses through web design and e-commerce platforms. While working with several software companies, he was able to assist businesses around the country selling product online via robust shopping cart solutions. His ability to expand businesses’ reach online via strategic SEO practices allowed his clients to sell to a much larger audience than ever before.

During this time, Jeff also began to teach at the college level. Teaching both print and web design to young students became a natural progression to his career. Being able to help students understand not only artistic expression, but practical application became a skill that was unusual in junior college environment.

In 2006, he and his wife moved to upstate New York where they began a family. Jeff pursued his first venture, a studio that helped small business achieve a higher level of design to promote their products and services.

After a few years, they relocated to Morgantown, WV where he began his next business, Impakt Media with his friend Luke Nesler. Impakt initially was created as a full service creative agency.

Over the course of five years, Nesler and Welsh developed the state’s largest and most successful digital ad agency. Their specialty is to help companies use the power of social media to gain valuable attention and turn that into sales. Now, they are servicing BIG brands around the country by promoting them via strategic targeted ad campaigns online.

Over the course of his 30 year career, Jeff has worked in all facets of creative. But his recent journey with Impakt has by far been the most fulfilling. It’s success has proven that you must have a passion for your work.

In order to build something successful, you must work long and hard to help others. All while showing your passion and NEVER giving up in the process.

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